Funskool Boggle Slam Card Game
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Funskool Boggle Slam

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This is a four-letter word game. Create four letter words and modify what others have made by changing just one letter. So, Fate can become late, then like and finally Mike. The Funskool Boggle Slam Card Game administers the right amount of fun and learning. Your son or daughter can enhance their word power and command over the language. Recommended for children of 8 years and above, they can have endless hours of fun and learn at the same time.

  • This is a high-speed four-letter word game
  • Race against each other to change the existing word and get rid of your cards
  • Game could become fame and fame could become fate
  • You never know where it'll go with boggle slam

The Funskool boggle slam is a fun way to engage your entire family and have hours of fun. It is a fresh way to connect with your family members and a great way to entertain friends when they come over to your home. With just the right dash of competitiveness built into the game, the boggle slam game keeps every individual on the edge of their seats. With multiple variations of words, this game can go in many directions and that is what builds on the excitement.

High Speed Word Game

The boggle slam card game is not just an ordinary card game. It requires skill and great control over the English language. This means that besides having fun, each member learns a bit of the language too. The card game is played at high speeds, requiring all the contestants to stay on their toes and think at lightning speed. The speed and unpredictability of this game are sure to fill the room with energy. It is a great addition to the collection of family card games and board games at home.


Country of origin - India