Funskool Battleship Travel Game
Funskool Battleship Travel Game
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Funskool Battleship Travel Game

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About This Item:
  • Toys and Games
  • Classic naval warfare game
  • Look for your opponent's fleet by calling out squares on the grid
  • Requires strategy and logic
  • Game sets are portable, making them easy to play at home or on the road
  • For 2 players
  • Defend Your Fleet of Ships Like a True Captain
  • Boosts Problem-Solving and Language Skills

Let your kid enjoy learning about the different naval strategies and have fun at the same time with the Funskool Travel Battleship game. This game is the small and portable version of the classic naval combat game. It allows your child to role play as a naval captain who has to defend his naval fleet from the enemy ships. Playing this board game makes your child familiar with various naval warfare tactics as he/she tries to save his/her fleet from the opponent. Watch him/her strive to win this battle of the high seas with this travel battleship board game. This Travel Battleship game from Funskool will make those lazy afternoons and boring weekends more fun-filled for your kid. As this game requires players to carefully strategise their ship's movements and take down their opponent's fleet, it helps in improving your kid's problem-solving skills and encourages logical thinking. It also enhances his/her concentration capacity and language skills. Sporting a variety of colours like red, white and grey, this travel game for kids looks striking. Your kid will be delighted when he/she finally sinks the enemy ships and emerges as the winner.

Country of origin – India