Frank Spiderman Giant
Frank Spiderman Giant
Frank Spiderman Giant
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Frank Spiderman Giant Floor Puzzle

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  • Big Size Puzzle The educational value of doing a jigsaw puzzle is priceless. Solving jigsaw puzzles enhance your Problem solving skills. While piecing together various shapes and sizes to discover a bigger picture, a child develops concentration and creativity. Enhances Memory functions. Jigsaw puzzles helps in developing fine motor skills as you must work carefully to fit the pieces together correctly.


A power-packed giant floor puzzle equipped with one of the most famous fictional superhero Spider-Man, created by writer-editor late Stan Lee and writer-artist late Steve Ditko is here for all the Marvel superhero fans. This attractive colorful puzzle is intended for beginners of age 3 years and above. This 24 piece masterpiece is an efficient “plays and learns technique” which is not only fun purpose but also an educational tool that will create a major impact on the concentration level of your child. This 73 x 47.5 cm dimensional giant floor puzzle consisting of 2 fictional characters “Spider-Man” and “Black Cat” is long lasting having a good build quality and good quality paint used. Geared to develop hand-eye coordination of the child as well as master the art of developing patience. The vivid colors and various shapes will pique your child’s interest and improve their problem-solving skills. Not only will they learn to develop patience and other qualities but they will also improve their time management skills. Above all your child will love playing with his favorite superhero Spider-Man and also the Black Cat. Assembling the pieces together in the correct manner to get back the whole picture is the task involved in this activity. The level of concentration needed will be at the same level as this age group. So you need not worry. Keep your children away from playing cell phone games and television this monsoon and give them this attractive, reasonable and interesting learning tool where they will have hands-on exposure and play with their favorite superhero



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