Frank Princess Cinderella
Frank Princess Cinderella
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Frank Princess Cinderella

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  • This 250-piece floor jigsaw puzzle is based on the well-known Disney movie Cinderella
  • The puzzle, having dimensions of 46 x 34.5 cm, is suitable for kids (both boys and girls) of 8 years of age and above
  • It is made of good quality cardboard and printed using non-toxic inks
  • Each puzzle piece has a part of the picture shown on the box. The child has to fix the pieces together in the correct manner to form the complete picture
  • Parents may be required initially to guide their child into this new creative activity so as to get them into the flow of arranging all the pieces correctly.


All you parents out there having cute and pretty little daughters. Disney presents to you a universally known and loved Princess by the name Cinderella creatively designed into a Jigsaw Puzzle for girls of 8 years of age and above. All these years your daughter may have watched this series on Television, read colorful story books about the same, or you yourself may have narrated her the story. But now she will get hands-on experience by applying her logic using and building this power-packed Jigsaw Puzzle. Indulge your girl child in this fascinating world of fun, entertainment and at the same time provide development and growth too with the help of this Jigsaw puzzle comprising 250 pieces that includes all the main characters from this fantasy film. Not only will she improve her visual skills, but will also improve on her mnemonic skills, concentration power and master the art of being patient. This masterpiece designed creatively with good quality cardboard and high-quality paint will not just amaze your child but will also last in the long run. The best part about this large Jigsaw Puzzle is that all the main characters from this film are included in it which will pique your child’s interest in solving it. The characters depicted in this puzzle are “Cinderella”, followed by “Prince Charming”. Power packed with lots of factors such as hand-eye coordination, visual, mnemonic skills, problem-solving ability, increasing concentration power and level of patience.



Country of origin - India