Frank My First Shape Size & Colour Game
Frank My First Shape Size & Colour Game
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Frank My First Shape Size & Colour Game

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  • This game makes learning basic educational concepts fun for little ones. With this game, children have to use their visual and logical ability to arrange the shapes on the provided board. This can help children focus better and enhance their visual skills, hand-eye coordination, logical and motor skills. This game can be interactive, played with guardians, parents, teachers or other kids, boosting a child’s social skills too!
  • This activity set features a range of vibrant shapes and colours that young kids can easily identify and relate to. The set is designed with 4 playing boards with different shapes, colours, engaging attention of little children and thus, developing their memory and boosting their motor and visual skills.
  • The playing boards are distributed among 4 players and the shapes are put in the bag. With every turn, a child has to take out one shape from the bag and try to place it on their playing board. The first player to finish placing all the shapes is the winner. This game promises plenty of fun!
  • Made with sturdy-yet-lightweight cardboard, the game can withstand being handled by playful children. The pieces are made with good quality materials and printed using non-toxic inks, ensuring safety for kids.
  • Frank My First Shape, Size & Colour Game consists of 4 playing boards, 32 shapes and 1 bag. It is suitable for children of 3 years and above, and can be played alone or by up to 4 children


My First Shape, Size & Colour Game A unique game in which children test their skill in recognizing shapes and sizes by touch, and match colourful shapes on their collecting cards. This puzzle is made of good quality cardboard and high-quality print. You won’t find any of the characters getting peeled off or color fading issues. Long lasting over years. Skillset: Builds fine motor skills. Sharpens creativity & curiosity. Parents may be required initially to guide their child into this new creative activity so as to get them into the flow of arranging all the pieces correctly.



Country of origin - India