Frank Dinosaurs Shaped First Puzzles
Frank Dinosaurs Shaped First Puzzles
Frank Dinosaurs Shaped First Puzzles
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Frank Dinosaurs Shaped First Puzzles

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  • Shaped puzzles-Each set in this series contains 4 Dinosaur shaped having 3, 6, 9 and 12 pcs respectively.
  • Intended for beginners
  • Simple and colourful puzzles use the “play and learn” technique to provide children with activities that are both fun as well as geared to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Frank's My First Puzzle is a new range of jigsaw puzzles, and is specially designed for youngsters. The box includes four bright and colorful puzzles featuring images of Dinosaurs, shown within brightly coloured backgrounds. The puzzles has been carefully designed to ensure children get plenty of visual clues to help them assemble the pieces and to build confidence.

Introduce your children to some of the pre-historic animals from this puzzle. Frank Dinosaurs Shaped First Puzzle features 4 different types of dinosaurs. Let your children start solving this puzzle one by one and improve their knowledge. You can tell them some stories and information about these animals. Ask them to identify all the puzzle pieces and fix them together to complete the puzzle successfully. This colourful puzzle is ideal for both boys and girls aged 3 years and above. This puzzle is ideal for kids who love dinosaurs. You can teach them the names of these dinosaurs and their characteristics. Add this Puzzle of Dinosaurs to your child’s collection of toys to enhance their hand-eye coordination, matching skills and memory power.



Country of origin - India