Fisher Price Take & Turn Activity Cube
Fisher Price Take & Turn Activity Cube
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Fisher Price Take & Turn Activity Cube

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The fisher-price take and turn activity cube is wild fun all around from a "hopping" frog and bat-at rollers to a spinning lion and colorful clackers, there's so much for your baby to explore.  5 sides of activities, lots of fun textures, and friendly animal pals to play with, this activity cube keeps little hands busy as can be where development comes into play fine motor Liding the clackers, bouncing the froggy, and grasping the elephant trunk handle helps your baby build up dexterity. Ensory:Rom the crinkly elephant ear to the textured rollers and clackers, the cube has so much for your baby's little hands to explore, engaging their developing tactile skills. Hinking skills:Ittle ones discover the fun of cause and effect play as they figure out how to "bounce" the frog and clack the clackers. Eatures:5 sides of play for baby to discover ?Press the frog down to see it “hop” back up. Bat-at lion roller. Clacker bead elephant trunk with crinkle and flipper ears textured rollers on top



Country of origin - China