Fisher Price Pull Along Turtle
Fisher Price Pull Along Turtle
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Fisher Price Pull Along Turtle

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  • Pull-Along Turtle is a great infant toy sure to entertain your child
  • Features two modes of play
  • Child will explore colors, shapes and numbers
  • Two Modes of Playing: Sit & play or stand & walk
  • Introduces baby to numbers, shapes and colours
  • Head-bobbing action as it rolls along
  • Teaches cause and effect
  • Encourages motor skill development, balance and coordination


The Fisher Price pull along turtle is a nice way to keep you toddler engaged and happy. This toy includes a plastic turtle with spinning shell and draw string. The turtle toy can be played in two ways, sitting and walking. In the sitting mode your child can play with the spinning shell, which displays colourful digits on each side. In the standing and walking mode, the toddler can pull the string and walk along. The pull along turtle toy is a complete edutainment package for one to three year old kids.
The pull along toy for kids is a good way to hone motor skills in every child. Your baby notices the movement of the turtle every time the toy is pulled. The turtle toy instills a sense of cause and effect, reasoning power and hand-eye coordination in the toddler. The spinning shell, with which your child can play while sitting, is also a good way to learn about the different kinds of colours and numbers in older kids. The Fisher Price toys for kids can be a good companion for your growing kid.



Country of origin - China