Fisher Price Baby Activity Chain
Fisher Price Baby Activity Chain
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Fisher Price Baby Activity Chain

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Fisher-Price introduces toys that help in the overall development of your children. This toy keeps your little one entertained and occupied for long hours.

Colorful Rings With No Sharp Edges

The rings come in different colors and are safe to be handled by your children as they have no sharp edges. Your children will quietly sit and join these rings.

Helps Baby Recognize and Identify Shapes

Baby Activity Chain helps your little one to get familiar with the shapes and identify them.

Fosters Eye-Hand Coordination

Playing with these rings enhances your child’s eye-hand coordination.

Ignites Imagination and Creative Power

Your kid’s imagination and creative power will also get a boost when they join the rings. 

Strengthens Fine Motor Skills

Joining the rings and forming a chain will elevate your child’s motor skills.


Country of origin - India