Explore My Soap Making Lab
Explore My Soap Making Lab
Explore My Soap Making Lab
Explore My Soap Making Lab
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Explore My Soap Making Lab

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Key Features:

Learn How To Make Your Own Scented And Glitter Soaps Right At Home With The Magic Of Science Make Different Soap In Funny Shapes And Great Fragrance.

While Playing, Learn About The History Of Soap, Soap Manufacturing Procedures And Much More

Through Stem Learner Series Help Children Take Another Step Forward In Stem Education


In this fun-packed educational toy brought to you by Explore, you will learn how to make fantastic soaps in funny shapes. You can give it the colour of your own choice. You can make soaps in incredible fragrances and glitter. So much to do, and all in one package! My Soap Making Lab enbles you to have an amazing time while learning about liquid soaps and how to make them. You can now turn your play area into a science lab and perform numerous experiments. The package comes equipped with all the necessary apparatus to perform experiments. With the help of some household items, you are ready to go. Learning and playing together was never this fun!


Country of origin - India