Explore My Lip Balm & Lip Gloss Making Lab
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Explore My Lip Balm & Lip Gloss

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DIY Science Kit. Make your own scented, colourful lip balms & lip gloss using science & chemistry.

  • Get ready to dazzle everyone with glamour! With My Lip Balm & Lip Gloss Making Lab brought to you by Explore, learn to make coloured and scented lip balms & lip gloss at home! The lip balms & lip gloss you create smell & look amazing and also nourish your lips while giving them an extraordinary look!

  • Comes with all the necessary contents so that you can perform numerous experiments without any hassle. Inside, you get a detailed instruction manual for ease-of-use and a guided experience in your play.

  • SAFE & TESTED PRODUCT: A good quality and safety of materials used in the manufacturing process. All the Explore products are developed, manufactured and packaged in India.

  • EDUCATIONAL VALUE: Through it’s STEM Learner series, Explore aims at helping children take another step forward in STEM education.
    Turn your play area into a science lab and be a genius scientist with all the knowledge of chemistry you gather from the experiments.

Country of origin - India