Ekta World Of Science
Ekta World Of Science
Ekta World Of Science
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Ekta World Of Science

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Time for Some Educational Fun!

Indulge your young scientists in long hours of brain churning fun with the Ekta World of Science. Apart from keeping them engaged and entertained, this science experiment set will enable your growing child to garner a deeper understanding of some of the most important scientific concepts and principles. Hands-on experience with innumerable experiments related to nature, physics, water, air, chemistry, color and light will also help them to figure out the advanced scientific concepts with ease. Discovering how a magnifying glass enlarges, how static electricity attracts, how sundials function, testing displacement etc. will surely spark an area of interest in young minds.

A Pictorial Guidebook for Added Convenience

To help your kids understand the procedure and functioning of an experiment, the science experiment kit comes with a 48 page pictorial guide book. All the apparatus required to perform these experiments is already included in this kit to offer maximum convenience. The science experiment kit for 5 year old kids is designed by professionals keeping in mind the safety of your young one. This kit enhances your child's confidence and inspires him or her to think logically like a scientist. It's a great way to introduce children to the astounding world of science with this science experiment kit with guide.



Country of origin - India