Ekta Slime Lab
Ekta Slime Lab
Ekta Slime Lab
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Ekta Slime Lab

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Educational Slime making kit set tools for learning purpose of students and all. The experiments will introduce kids to the world of polymers. The kids can learn the properties of polymers while they perform the experiments. It is a fun and innovative approach to introduce your child to science. All the experiments are safe and non-hazardous. However, adult supervision is preferred. Encourage the young scientist to experiment with this kit.

  • Interesting Educational Slime making kit tools for learning purpose of students and all
  • Make Your Own Fanstic Yucky Slime.
  • This is the wonderful awesome entertainment for your little one. It's a Learning game for childrens.
  • Improves children's practical ability. Make fun while playing. Best suitable for kids over age 8 years
  • Best birthday Diwali Christmas gift for your beloved childs and for another occassions.



Country of origin - India