Ekta Pixels Sea Creatures
Ekta Pixels Sea Creatures
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Ekta Pixels Sea Creatures

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  • Make over 14 projects - Make the designs provided or try out your own designs.
  • An Art and Craft Game for kids.
  • Can convert your final design to a fridge magnet as well
  • Improves creativity, productivity and project management skills
  • For ages 5 and up

Product description

Sea Creatures PIXELS Sea Creatures game for kids is an excellent way to boost kids creativity, productivity and project management skills. Kids learn how to create new designs and also learn shapes of Sea Creatures and recreates experience of Aquarium Visit. The Traditional way to use Fuse Beads is by placing them one by one onto the pegs of a plastic pegboard. Once the desired pattern is created by following the underneath design card - and every bead is beside another- the design is then fused together using ironing paper and an iron. So this is a a traditional but a whole new set of game which your kid will make different designs and he/ she can even glue them with magnet provided along to make it a fridge magnet. Contents: Over 2000 Fuse beads in 12 colours Transparent plastic Peg Board 6 double sided design cards Beads clip Ironing Paper Badge Pins Magnets and detailed instructions


Country of origin - India