Ekta Magic Bouncy Balls
Ekta Magic Bouncy Balls
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Ekta Magic Bouncy Balls

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Take your imaginative kids on a planetary journey with this Magic Bouncy Ball Kit . This all-in-one starter set help Kids create up to 12 individual power balls in every fabulous shade of the celestial rainbow. Teach your children how to express creativity, follow directions and work together with friends as they fill and form a variety of colorful, bouncy playthings. 1. Follow the ball maker kit’s simple step by instructions 2. Have kids assemble the molds and fill with powder 3. Submerge in warm water to harden, remove and let rest 10 minutes 4. Open up the mold and behold their creations 5. See them enjoy hours of creative play and bouncy bliss

  • Unique Arts and Crafts Set Comes w/ All the Supplies Needed for Kids to Create Their Very Own Mini Magic Power Balls
  • Bright, Colorful Supplies Include Every Neon Shade of the Rainbow for Artistic Expression & Fun, Imaginative Experimentation
  • Simple 3-Step Science Experiment Provides a Fast, Clean, Easy & Educational Activity for Boys & Girls
  • Safe, Non Toxic Toys Make Great Inside & Outside Group Projects for Rainy Day, Birthday, Play Date, School Science Project & More
  • CONTENTS: 4 reusable plastic ball moulds, 12 packets of magic ball powder crystals (10gm.x12), 4 storage cups with lids and detailed instructions.



Country of origin - India