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Ekta Magic 65 Tricks

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Perform your own magic show! Amaze your friends & family with 65 magic tricks included in this kit Magic is a Fascinating magician's kit,with instruction and accessories necessary for performing 65 magic tricks.People have always been fascinated and amused by the world of magic ,and real magicians know how to astonish their audience.Actually,magician's secrets are all a question of skill,sleight of hand and the ability to present their tricks with a sense of drams.If u follow the enclosed instructions carefully,practice each trick thoroughly and keep to "the rules of the game"you will certain of performing the tricks sucessfully and will have the satisfaction of performing them well. Product Features 65 Trick Set Ages 8+ Cup & Ball Trick Rope Cut Trick Coin Magic Trick Card Deck Trick Magic Cube & More


Country of origin - India