Ekta BLOpens
Ekta BLOpens
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Ekta Blopens

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Easily Create fantastic pictures with amazing airbrush effects!

Discover a fun way of colouring! With this super activity set, there are 11 great reusable stencils to create lots of great pictures in bright colours. Just put a stencil on a sheet of paper, blow through the pen and see your pictures appear! Blow lines or Circles creating different effects, or use the BLO Pens as normal pens to add extra detail. Blo pens caps are washable and interchangeable. They are completely safe for children to use, with non-toxic

 How to Use-

  • Lay stencil onto paper,
  • Choose & spray first colours,
  • Choose & spray others colours,
  • Remove stencil  and add spray & other details


Country of origin - India