Creative My World Activity Pack
Creative My World Activity Pack

Creative My World Activity Pack

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Skills Developed

  • Knowledge about continents and oceans
  • Understanding of world’s physical features
  • Practice about countries and capitals
  • Knowledge about plants, animals and people of the world

                MY WORLD" is an enjoyable and engaging activity pack where children; 1). Assemble a Thirty piece large jigsaw puzzle of Map of the World and then study the location of continents, oceans, mountains, rivers, forests, animals etc. on the assembled map. 2). Complete the pages of the Activity Book packed with thought - stimulating questions, crosswords and word search puzzles to know more facts and figures of the world. 3. Learn and practice about all the countries and capital cities of all the continents fill in the details and color the maps of the Activity Atlas.
The Pack includes a 30 piece puzzle of world map, an Activity Atlas, an Activity Guide and a set of colors.


Country of origin - India