Creative Know India
Creative Know India

Creative Know India

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Skills Developed

  • To Familiarize the child with different aspect of reading and understanding Maps.
  • To enable the child to recognize different land masses and water bodies on the physical map of India.
  • To help the child find the location of different states and union territories, their capitals and important cities on the map.
  • Impart and reinforce the variety of information and fascinating facts about India and its states through visual Question – Answers.

                  "Know India" is an action packed and enjoyable Activity Pack where children:
1. Assemble: a) a clear and beautiful 30 piece puzzle of physical map of India to recognise and learn about the land masses and water bodies, b) a clear and beautiful 30 piece puzzle of political map of India to learn about the location of all the States and Union Territories,
2. Revise important facts, and
3. Play Visual and other Quiz games to test their knowledge. The game includes; Two 30-piece puzzle boards of physical and political maps of India, 36 Quiz Cards, Fact Sheets, and an Activity Guide.


Country of origin - India