Creative Alphabet Puzzle
Creative Alphabet Puzzle
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Creative Alphabet Puzzle

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"Read, Match & Practice Alphabet" is a 3 in 1 pack to learn and master Early Reading skills by recognizing, matching, sequencing, practicing and writing letters of the Alphabet. The game comprises a Board Book, 26 sets of two piece match-ups and an Activity Book. Children will be benefited in the following ways: 1. Board Book- The child will recognize each letter both capital and small and correlate them to their corresponding picture words beginning with each letter sound. 2. Two piece Match-ups: Child will recognize, name and say the sound of each letter (both capital and small) on Letter Card and match with its corresponding Picture Card reinforcing the concept. 3. Activity Book – Child may complete various simple and graded activities to practice and strengthen knowledge of Alphabet in an enjoyable way


Country of origin - India