Coco Moco World Map With Sticker
Coco Moco World Map With Sticker
Coco Moco World Map With Sticker
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Coco Moco World Map With Sticker

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  • INCLUDES: 3 x 2 ft washable, NON-TEAR world map with pictures of monuments, animals and a lot more drawn over it. Sticker booklet with 100s of stickers of flags, currencies and labels for monuments, famous places and animals
  • Paste stickers of flags, currencies, names of monuments, famous places and animals in correct places on the map
  • Spot the 7 wonders and label stickers, spot the tallest building, longest river and more!
  • AGES: 4-12-year-olds,
  • Boosts knowledge, Improves visual-spatial coordination
  • Improves counting skills, Develops gross-motor skills, Enhances critical thinking, Enhances creativity
  • Great birthday gift and return gift for kids, packed in colourful long tubes


World Map with Reusable Stickers Activity Kit comes with 100+ stickers of flags, currencies, labels for monuments, animals and famous places. This kit is a fun way to learn about different countries and their locations and a great way to learn geography without making it boring. The map is NON TEAR, Wipe able and colorfully illustrated. The sticker booklet includes 100s of reusable stickers and labels that go onto the map. A perfect gift for any child! Comes rolled-up in a long tube to make it a good gift and return gift option.


Country of origin - India