Coco Moco India Map With Stickers
Coco Moco India Map With Stickers
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Coco Moco India Map With Stickers

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A large (1.5 X 2.1 feet) brightly-cultured non-tear map designed using our unique K.I.D ideology to help your little one learn about India. Thematically designed to boost geographical knowledge of India, it has reusable sticker labels which can be pasted on the map. The neatly designed rectangular labels include specific information about each state including their capital, crops, and iconic places. Also provided are the flag-stickers of neighboring countries. To ensure that the process is fun and engaging, iconic monuments, dances, animals and famous places are drawn onto brightly-cultured states. With knowledge value enhanced by adorable graphics, reusable stickers, and wipe-friendly non-tear map, this one is a must have for every child! Contents: A non-tear 1.5 X 2.1 feet India Map Reusable sticker labels of states, their capitals, crops and iconic places the joy of a toy!


Country of origin - India