Chicco Manual Breast Pump
Chicco Manual Breast Pump

Chicco Manual Breast Pump

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About This Item:

  • Chicco Natural Feeling Manual Breast Pump- tested and approved by moms, is an ideal solution for new age mothers for long-lasting and comfortable breastfeeding
  • It helps the mother to effectively extract, express and store her milk with utmost ease ensuring that the baby gets goodness of mother’s milk even when she’s not around
Chicco's Manual Breast Pump has been thoughtfully designed to empower the new age mothers to enjoy the special experience of breastfeeding in the most convenient and relaxing way. It helps the mother to conveniently extract, express, and store her milk for baby for the times when she's not around. Based on 2 Phase Technology, Chicco Manual Breast Pump mimics the natural sucking pattern of the baby. Phase 1 i.e. Stimulation initially massages the mothers breast to get the milk flowing and Phase 2 i.e. Expression leads to extraction of milk feed gently. With its Ergonomic Handle, the mother can have a secure grip on the pump while extracting milk, for a less tiring experience. The Extra Soft Silicon Cup of the breast pump gently envelopes around the breast with utmost delicacy. The pumping frequency resembles the sucking frequency of the baby giving a natural breastfeeding feel to the mother. It comes in compact design that is easy to assemble and clean.

Country of origin - Italy

This item is non-returnable due to hygiene or consumable nature of the product.