Chicco Cotton Buds 60 Pcs
Chicco Cotton Buds 60 Pcs

Chicco Cotton Buds 60 Pcs

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About This Item:

  • Soft and flexible, Chicco's cotton swabs are made of 100% cotton and are the ideal choice to ensure proper hygiene of the baby's delicate ears.
  • Chicco cotton buds stem is made of paper and not plastic that provides an additional safety feature and beige of paper, its biodegradable in nature.
  • Chicco Cotton Buds are available in packaging that is compact and can be carried anywhere with you inside the baby's bag.

Chicco Cotton Buds 60 pcs are perfect for new-born baby's daily hygiene and grooming needs. Chicco Cotton Buds 60 Pcs come with special ear drum protection that lets you clean the outer surface of your babys ear gently and safely and ensures protection of your babys delicate ear drum.


Country of origin - Italy