Budds Buddy Momo 2 In 1 Sipper Cup 6m+ (270ml)
Budds Buddy Momo 2 In 1 Sipper Cup 6m+ (270ml)
Budds Buddy Momo 2 In 1 Sipper Cup 6m+ (270ml)
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Budds Buddy Momo 2 In 1 Sipper Cup 6m+ (270ml)

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About This Item:

  • Strong base - The product has a strong base made up of Polypropylene solid, and do not break even after falling from heights.
  • 2 in1 Sipper - Convertible Sipper with Soft Silicone Spout and Straw.
  • Cap design - The sipper features unique 3 piece cap design, which locks the liquid properly within the container. The cap ensures a smooth water and air flow when its unlocked to drink. 
  • Convenient Design - The design has been created by experts and is according to the convenience of little hands to carry. 
  • Hygienic - The sipper is completely hygienic and creates no mess by leaking water, or any other liquid diet kept in it. It has been developed with innovative anti-spill technology. 
  • Light-weight - Even after holding a better liquid capacity, the product is lightweight and easy for your kid to carry. 
  • Portable - It's easily portable and ideal for traveling. 
  • Safety Norms - The product is BPA free and has no side effects of using it.

Sippers are always on trend for everyone, especially for traveling people. Your kid is no exception, they need a better storage than just a bottle for keeping their water and other nutritious liquids. Sippers can be a very good option to keep your baby's liquid diet. Realizing this need, Buddsbuddy has come up with special Sippers range namely Momo 2 in 1 Sipper cup, where you will have options to find the very right sipper bottle for your kid with both interchangeable Sipper spout and straw. It comes with 2 Handle Cup, which comes with handles at its both sides to allow your baby get the grip of the cup tightly. It helps to transit easily from feeding bottle to drinking thick liquids from spout cups to Straw Sipper.


Country of origin - Italy