Budds Buddy Luxe Kids Tongue Cleaner Multicolour

Budds Buddy Luxe Kids Tongue Cleaner Multicolour

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About This Item:

  • Easy to use tongue cleaner for toddlers to optimum maintain oral health
  • Made of silicone and rubber
  • Comes with a non-slip thumb grip to make the process of cleaning easier
  • 100% safe and gentle to be used by toddlers
  • Helps in ridding the mouth of bad breath causing bacteria

Without a proper tongue cleaner, you can't say brushing is over. Kids especially need to have a complete oral care solution. In addition to a toothbrush, tongue cleaners play an important role in the cleaning of the mouth. Budds Buddy brings this exact need in the form of Budds buddy Kids Tongue Cleaner, a uniquely designed tongue cleaner made of the highest quality materials. This tongue cleaner has a non-slip thumb grip so that it can be held tight and clean your tongue in an effective manner. The 2-step cleaning process helps to clean your child's tongue faster. The tongue cleaner is made from silicon and is 100% safe and gentle for your toddler. The tongue cleaner is quick and easy to use and completely removes bad breath causing bacteria which can’t be done only by brushing.

How to Use:

  • Gently brush back and forth, cleaning the entire tongue surface.


Country of origin - India