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Barbie Colour Reveal
Barbie Colour Reveal
Barbie Colour Reveal
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Barbie Colour Reveal

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Key Features:

  • With 7 surprises in one package

  • The Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver all kinds of delight Start the experience by removing the outer layer of packaging, unscrewing the top of the tube and pulling out a doll covered from head to toe in Color Reveal purple

  • 4 decorated bags that keep the contents hidden Fill the tube with warm water, place the doll inside and swirl her around

  • The water clouds up with purple for a magical effect Pull out the doll to reveal her look

  • Each doll has a different combination of eye color, color of her sculpted hair, skin tone and decorated leotard

  • Open the 4 mystery bags to reveal their surprises -- a scented wig that matches the doll's food theme, skirt, pair of shoes and small sponge; store them in the tube after play

  • Country of origin - China